List of the best tours in Trentino divided by level of difficulty
Only for those who love naturalistic excursions in the mountains, either on foot or by bike.

Via Montegrappa 2 - 38054
Fiera di Primiero (TN)nelle Dolomiti del Trentino

34 naturalistic tours in Trentino

Here is a list of 34 trails - divided by difficulty - that you can follow, starting from our Hotel in Fiera di Primiero, for naturalistic and colourful excursions:

1Passo Rolle – Val Venegia “Pian dei Casoni”EasyRead
2Passo Rolle – Small lakes of ColbriconEasyRead
3Passo Rolle - to Mulaz Refuge “G. Volpi”DifficultRead
4San Martino di Castrozza – via Malga Ces to Passo RolleMediumRead
5San Martino di Castrozza – Rifugio ColverdeMediumRead
6San Martino di Castrozza – Colverde – RosettaVery hardRead
7Crossing the Altopiano (plateau) of Pale di San Martino to Malga CanaliDifficultRead
8San Martino di Castrozza – Caffè Col – Rifugio VeloDifficultRead
9San Martino di Castrozza: Plank Small Lakes - Val Cigolera HutMediumRead
10San Martino di Castrozza –Tognola Refuge and ReturnEasyRead
11Fiera di Primiero – Calaita LakeEasyRead
12Fiera di Primiero – Malga CanaliEasyRead
13Val Canali “Cant del Gal” –Pradidali Refuge MediumRead
14Baita del Vecio, Ceneguei, StiozzeMediumRead
15Passo Cereda – Fossetta and ReturnMedium-EasyRead
16Piereni Refuge – Petina Refuge - SirorEasyRead
17Rifugio Caltena – CogoladeEasyRead
18Sagron – Val delle Moneghe RefugeEasyRead
19Mezzano Town – Meadows of San GiovanniEasyRead
20Imer – Fonteghi – Boz RefugeEasyRead
21Imer –Vederna Mount and Cross of the AlpineEasyRead
22Imer – Vederna –Pavione MountMediumRead
23Passo Gobbera – Totoga Mount visiting the “Stoli”MediumRead
24Passo Gobbera – San SilvestroEasyRead
25Zortea Town – Malga Valsorda AltaDifficultRead
26Zortea Town – Prà del PreteEasyRead
27Calaita Lake – Malga GrugolaEasyRead
28Calaita Lake – Pisorno LakeMedium-EasyRead
29Montagna Trip: Ring of the “Colmei di Ronco” - TrentinoEasyRead
30Caoria – Siega de ValzancaEasyRead
31Caoria – Malga Miesnotta di SopraDifficultRead
32Caoria Town – Zortea TownDifficultRead
33Caoria Town – Fiamena Hut - CiconaDifficultRead
34Refavaie Refuge – Cauriol MountDifficultRead
35Copia di Mezzano Town – Meadows of San GiovanniEasyRead
36Copia di Passo Rolle – Small lakes of ColbriconEasyRead
37Copia di Passo Rolle – Val Venegia “Pian dei Casoni”Medium-EasyRead
38Copia di Passo Rolle – Small lakes of ColbriconEasyRead
47Passo Rolle - Malga Juribello in Val VenegiaEasyRead
48Copia di Copia di Passo Rolle – Small lakes of ColbriconMediumRead
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