Hotel Benessere Trentino (Fiera di Primiero)

Via Montegrappa 2 - 38054
Fiera di Primiero (TN)nelle Dolomiti del Trentino

Imer – Vederna –Pavione Mount

Departure from the Hotel lobby in Trentino at 9.30 am with our guide who will accompany you by bus to Mezzano (650 m), for arriving to Imer. From here follow the signals to Pontet where you run down a steep, very exposed and narrow road without protections for about 12 kilometers. Once arriving at the Vederna Refuge (1324m) by bus, we walk into the wods along trail no. 736 to Malga Angerola (1543 m).

The long walk continues along the same path that leads to the first foothills of Pavione.

Thus begins the real climb to a height of about 600 meters, that rewards you with the arrival at Mount Pavione (2335m) which is the highest of Vette Feltrine.

This mountain is different from all the others for its extraordinary regular geometrical pyramidal shape, unique in its kind, which causes the curiosity to all tourists who visit these areas.

From the summit you can enjoy a magnificent 360 panorama.

The return must be done through the same route of ascent.

Once back at the Mirabello Hotel in Trentino, you may relax on comfortable armchairs and read your favorite books. And then, to complete a perfect day, what would be better than a total relaxation in our wellness center with the massages of Paola or Tiziana, experts on various relaxation techniques?

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