Hotel Benessere Trentino (Fiera di Primiero)

Via Montegrappa 2 - 38054
Fiera di Primiero (TN)nelle Dolomiti del Trentino

Are you looking for a Hotel with SPA in Trentino near the places you've seen only in postcard ?

Welcome to Trentino

your dream of a happy holiday

Enjoy the natural wonders of the Dolomites

Indulge yourself in the spa and wellness center

Your greatest luxury is the nature surrounding you

Surrender yourself to the nature of Trentino and dream

An enjoyable sense of well-being awaits you

Your adventure begins now

Are you looking for a Hotel with SPA in Trentino near the places you've seen only in postcard ?

A perfect place to relive the purest emotions.
Taste, nature, and detox wellness.

Fantastic excursion
Romantic daysin our SPA
Wonderful natural activitiers

Enjoy Trentino
a tasty experience

Our Chef Tiziano will delight your stay in Fiera di Primiero with dishes with an original flavor, but without giving up the Trentino tradition and the new food trends.

A remote and
calming place

The time to recharge has come and there is only one place where you can enjoy a holiday immersed in nature, away from cities and crowded places but with all the comforts of home..

Mirabello Hotel is just a few steps away from the center of the gorgeous Fiera di Primiero town, which name originates in the Middle-Ages. In 1400 it was the place for faires (Fiera) and the administrative center for of the whole valley (Primiero).

"Slow" is what makes us unique

In a world of frenzy with no rest, where everything is for the now and even food is "fast", we want to take it slow. Very slow. Why not relax when you ar eon holiday?

Mirabello Hotel is the perfect place for those who want to slow down and take a break from day to day stresses. In Fiera di Primiero you are surrounded by fresh air and breathaking views, there's no better place to slow down and regenarete your senses.

Zero impact
for a better future

From now on, you'll be able to charge here at the Hotel, your Tesla or electrice vehicle. We have two chargers for your Tesla and an adapter for other electic vehicles.

Since 2016 we have endorsed the program "Tesla Destination Charging".

Preventivo senza impegno