Detox wellness holiday spa offers and stress release in nature in Primiero Trentino Dolomiti

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Fiera di Primiero (TN)nelle Dolomiti del Trentino

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Spa Experience and Meditation Ritual in the Dolomites of Trentino

Nuvola Experience and Dry Float Therapy

Your natural "digital detox" with the dry float therapy. The body floats on 400 litres of warm water, without needing to get undressed or wet.

Nuvola's action starts from within, and takes advantage of the therapeutic power of dry floatation to maximise the result of traditional beauty treatments.
Nuvola is also effective for mental wellness as it focuses on relieving stress levels and improving sleep quality.

Regenerating detox experience: Nuvola Experience Start from scratch, resease your body and recharge your mind. Try a digital detox.

Your health is important. Nuvola will help you disconnect, regain energy and rebalance your sleep through mindfulness techniques. Meditation and consciousness, the beauty of feeling weightless. Dry Floating gives you the same mental and physical benefits that meditation can give.

Floating Therapy is an innovative mental wellness experience that purifies the body in a simple and natural way. The absence of gravity relaxes the muscles and relieves joint pain, helps with blood circulation and drains excess toxins.

Studies have shown that floating induces a state of deep relaxation, it improves sleep quality, increases concentration and endorphines producion.

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