Offers Trentino Mountain: your vacation at Fiera di Primiero where the mountain fresh air and relaxing in a wellness centre on the Dolomites are the masters ;-)

Via Montegrappa 2 - 38054
Fiera di Primiero (TN)nelle Dolomiti del Trentino

Trentino Mountain Offers?

If you really love the mountain. Then...

I could describe how wonderful it is to walk along beautiful mountain trails, have a picnic on the lake or lay while admiring the majestic Pale di S. Martino. But i prefer you to have a look at these pictures...

We are at Fiera di primiero (yep, that's the name). Our typical and nice mountain village that has beautiful locals, inns, shops and boutiques where you can buy typical souvenirs or maybe try the typical trentino's grappa (all at a few meters from your room, no driving license needed here ;-) ;-))

Mountain Vacation? Yes. But with 100% Comfort and Relax

Do you think that to have the majestic and enchanting dolomites - opening the window of your room - you have to give up cuddles and pleasures of a wellness vacation?

3 things to know about out Wellness Slow Hotel (1st in Italy)

The Wellness Centre and the Pool: Free Entry

  • 75m² Pool: If you want to swim or do a but of water gym. Like in a cave you will be surrounded by rocks from which spring small waterfalls (like the real ones ;-))
  • Hot Tub: Advantages to blood and linfatic circulation - tranks to hydrotherapy- and wellness for the mind - the pressure of the massage stimulates the release of endorfins generating a sensation of pleasure and relax.
  • Turkish Bath: A deep cleaning and purification of the skin. A toning and relaxing effect that reduces stress.
  • Finnish Sauna: • Finnish Sauna.

Massage Centre

  • Honey Oil massage:It gives vitality and strength to all your organism, cleaning it from toxins and reactivating circulation. Hydrating, protective and emollient it is perfect after a day spent outdoor.
  • Foot reflexology: Pleasant and relaxing, perfect to get in full shape and take away the stress. It is a terapy that concentrates on the foot soles area: reflex area that act in all the rest of the body. The more obvious beneficial of this treatment it is an improvement of the blood circulation.
  • An Ayurvedic Massage : Thank to the recover of your physic and mental balance, this masagge with Olive, Almonds and Avocado oils, will hydrate and relax your skin restoring harmony and vitality to your organism.
  • Over 60 massages and treatments…

Tiziano (our Chef) and his cuisine

  • Gran Buffet Breakfast: Fresh fruits, natural yoghurt, cakes, biscuits, brioche, muesli, cold cuts and Trentino's cheese. Everything always fresh (or just baked) to allow all (also the latecomers) to find always something warm to eat :-)
  • Sweet Snacks: Every afternoon, maybe when you come back from your excursion with the coach or after a swim in the pool, there will be sweets made by our chef waiting for you - every day- for our guests.
  • Unforgettable Dinner: For those who love to try every evening new meals, can't give up on home made pasta and can't wait to taste a Trentino typical products cuisine

Here are the pictures of our Wellness slow Hotel:

Curious to know what who has already spent a Mountain Vacation in Trentino thinks?

I perfectly know what it means to spend their holiday on the mountain at a 730m altitude in the heart of the Dolomites. Do I seem to partisan? Well, that is why I prefer to show you some photo albums, let you read some comments and show the shots of the customers that have already lived this experience:

What our guests wrote aftern visiting Fiera di Primiero


I have stayed around ten days at the Mirabello Hotel in Fiera di Primiero. I found it very good on all aspects. Starting from the manager, Mr. Elio, always available and careful to any demand and need… [ continue]

Pamela C. | Couple |Bologna

The hotel is a marvelous synthesis between a warm family-run pension and a luxury hotel with all comforts. We were in a fantastic structure with a wonderful wellness centre, large and cozy rooms, a fantastic view of the Pale di S.Martino... [ continue]

Sara C.| Family | Rome

We've choosen Trentino for our first mountain vacation with our 3 years and a half old Lucilla and we were very happy. We felt good in the hotel: Family room was ok, and sleeping with the sound of the running stream was very pleasant… [ continue]

Some picture from our clients showing the postcard like landscapes of Trentino

Here are the Trentino Mountain Offers

An holiday on the Dolomites after the summer season, a Wellness Hotel where to try typical Trentino meals and a Wellness Centre (with free entry) to relax with the family (or in sweet company).

Is this really the holiday you were looking for?

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