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Beauty packages and prices

Here is the list of treatment that you can try on your skin...

Relaxing Massage

20 minutes of this extraordinary massage will be more than enough to regenerate and tone the body, removing the tiredness and stress feeling accumulated

Ideal massage to tone the muscles of the face, activate the circulation and slow down the wrinkles formation.
Ideal massage to tone the muscles of the face, activate the circulation and slow down the formation of wrinkles.
Do you define yourself as a fierce mountain sportsman? Well if yes then don't waste too much time for your work out and let yourself be pampered by our masseuses! Book now the "Antistress Massage" . It is a full body massage which pay particular attention to the defatting of the legs. Highly recommended after an hike or skiing.
Total duration 25 min
Do you define yourself as a fierce mountain sportsman? Well if yes then don't waste too much time for your work out and let yourself be pampered by our masseuses! 
Book now the "Antistress Massage" . It is a full body massage which pay particular attention to the defatting of the legs. Highly recommended after an hike or skiing.

Total duration 50 min

The antistress massage, thanks to the variety of tecniques used, is very customisable. It improves blood and linfatic circulation, helps with cellulite, varicous veins and heart diseases.
It has a relaxing effect on muscles, helping with tension and pain, improves quality of sleep and the ability to relax mind and body. The antistress massage is the result of a fusion of various technologies of body handling.

It is the meeting point between east and west, between old and modern.

Let yourself be nourished by this oil rich in antioxidants and that will hydrate your skin like no toher oil.

Give it a try of the 20 min one -€40
Experience this memorable treatment to overcome tiredness and as we get closer to winter and peak flu season, it's more important than ever to help pad your immune system with a variety of vitamins and nutrients. Chamomile is well known for its emollient and lenitive action and will give you well-deserved moments of pleasure and relaxation.

Try also the 20 min one - €40,00
For a soft, velvety skin, toned with the gentle warmth of the candle: for those who love to regain the pleasantness of touch, of contact, dissolving tensions, restoring tone and vigor to the body, recharged with well-being.
Coconut Oil on the skin has an emollient and soothing effect. Deeply nourishes the skin, moisturizing it and giving it a refreshing feeling.
A very relaxing, regenerating and delicate body treatment.
Try the 20 min one too  -  €40

A massage tailored for you in a specific part of your body.

For 20 minutes you will be caressed by sweet almonds, olive and avocado oils, that will give you a velvety and deeply hydrated skin.

A customized massage for you. Choose a specific area of your body.

Let yourself be pampered by the delicate lightness of the sweet almond oils which give you a more velvety and hydrated skin.


- Sweet orange
- Bergamot
- Lemon
- Cedar
- Lavender
- Peppermint

A true beauty potion, this natural product has exceptional properties that help keep the skin soft and elastic.

True beauty elixir, this natural product comes with exceptional properties that help to keep the skin soft and supple.

Give it a try of the 20 min one! - €40

Nuvola Experience-Dry Floating

Don't miss a special herbal wrap and medicinal plants which will help your system to eliminate excess fluid. The massage will give you an additional feeling of lightness.
Wrap designed to remove impurities in depth. Your skin is immediately smooth, clean and bright. It helps regenerate cells and detoxifies the skin and makes it brighter.
Followed by a relaxing (20 min) massage
Scrub of own production based on essential oil of sweet orange and coffee to relieve tnesions and improve skin imperfections followed by a relaxing massage to give you a complete experience of pure relaxation.
Delicate berry scurb that will brighten and lift your skin. The massage will also help you to dissolve the contractures and improve your well-being.


Special Massage

Duplicate your feeling of well-being: all the benefits in only one massage, multiplied by two.
The sensation of feeling 4 hands along your body infuses a deep relaxation of both body and soul.
An experience which curbs the stress, helps to decontract the muscles and loosen the joints.
Improves circulation and energy flow, leaving a deep feeling of tonicity and relaxation.
The harmonized manual skills of two wellness professionals create a relaxing and continuous rhythmic flow.

Book your treatment in advance (in the mornig and afternoon until 8:00 PM)
The main focus of this massage treatment is to balance out doshas within your body to achieve spiritual fulfilment and relaxation.
We warm up almond oil so it can better penetrate the skin and deeply nourish you from the inside out.
The massage technique uses tapping, kneading, and squeezing, as well as traditional massage strokes.

Extremely pleasant and beneficial for the client and for the one executing it a pleasant detoxing massage, relaxing and draining thanks to the combined action of essential oils and cold stones.

The tissues will be deeply drained and toned.

A journey of intense purification and relax.

Unlike the sauna, the Hammam is a wet hot bath absolutely bearable.

First, a massageur will put soap on all your body with the tradition black soap with olive’s oil, massaging you for the first time.

After this you will dive the hot and wrapping atmosphere of the eucalipto scented turkish bath, to free your lungs.

The steam will open the pores of your skin and the pleasant heat, together with the black soap, will deeply clean your body.

After around 20 minutes our massageur will take you to the relaxing wellness hall, where you try the beneficials of the massage with horsehair glove; it is a massage that will completely cleanse your body and the old dead skin will be removed.

After you have removed all the dead cells with a shower, you will have an Argan oil massage (oil reach with nutritional elements).

Duration: 90 minutes.

The practice of using hot stones

La pratica di utilizzare pietre calde per il loro effetto terapeutico ha origini che si fondono con quelle dell'uomo.

Si utilizzavano per diagnosticare e curare alcune malattie posizionandole in particolari punti del corpo oltre che come segno di buon auspicio nelle cerimonie o come monili di protezione e autoguarigione.

La riscoperta del loro valore quale fonte di benessere psicocorporeo è avvenuta grazie all'impegno e alla passione di una terapeuta dell'Arizona che ha voluto ampliarne l'utilizzo, proponendole come nuova opportunità per le beauty spa.

Sulle basi di questo metodo, ha creato un trattamento esclusivo, arricchito da una miscela di oli essenziali ( holistic touch, tranquillity e fluidifying), estremamente piacevole e benefico per il cliente e per chi lo esegue un piacevole massaggio detossinante, rilassante e drenante grazie all'azione combinata di oli essenziali e pietre calde.

I tessuti risultano profondamente drenati e tonici

The Lomi Lomi uses mainly the hands and forearms.

Through variouls movements, long and with rythm, extend the muscles and loosen the joints, being together relaxing and toning, and good for circulation.

But, most important, it restores a balance between body and spiring, giving serenity and love to the treated person.

Duration 50 min.

Pindasveda and Sneana Treatment (adviced in the morning) Pindasveda: help the body (pinda) to sweat (sweda) Pinda: Swabs name, the treatment is divided in two partsw.

First part, the Sneana, body oiling.

It is a treatment conceived to make the body sweat, throught the skin, stimulating the expulsion of toxins from the body.

It helps free the body from stiffness, cold and heavyness.

The Sneana Treatment is perfect for toxins problems, rheumatism, arthritis and slow digestion.

All the metabolic waste will be be eliminated efficiently.

Before will be served a infuse and then the Pindasveda treatment starts.

A treatment with hot swabs.

The swabs are filled with exotic fruits toasted extract, wet in hot oil.

The swabs will gradually reach the max temperature, starting from a low one to increase.

A useful treatment to ease joint pains, tissues stimulation and fat melting.

Useful in case of arthritis and arthrosis.

Perfect for relaxing and recharging new energies.

Body and face care

Taste a custom massage with mud Therapy!
Full body massage with lympatic drainage treatment and applying bandages

Your eyes are one of the first thing people see about you. That is why taking care of them is really important.

We start with an eye contour treatment with a serum and tonic. Then we apply a mask around the eyes and lips.
This treatment will smooth the appearance of the skin around the eyes and lips, while also helping draining, which will reduce eye circles and undereye bags .

You will look relaxed, bright and natural.

A treatment with natural products (including the blackcurrant) to moisturize your face, making it smooth and solar.

Let scrub yourself with Damascus rose! After that enjoy your nourishing face mask and a micromassage with rosehp oil.
Get an Hydro-facial with steam and a micromassage with pink wood oil.
Gua Sha massage and application of hyaluronic acid serum for an antiaging effect. Gua Sha may be used also  to treat muscle pain and can break down scar tissue.
Nourishing scrub with Honey from Trentino and Almond Oil. Tipically nourishing mask and antidoxidant creme are applied toward the end of the treatment.
Take your time to breath! Refresh and let scrub yourself by our masseuses with exfoliating scurb with alpine herbs for an hydrated and soft skin.

Massage for her

There are four levels of cellulite: The first it shows with signs not really visible, the skin surface is normal, there is no pain, but when touched there is an increasing of the tissue softness in some areas – In the second level there is an external increase of softness, even if there is no pain.

An edema is visible in the skin. – In the third level the skin surface take the typical “orange peel” look.

It is the lavel where the micronodules form and when touched there is a deep and well localized pain.

In the Fourth level the pain is strong and sometimes spontaneous, the surface change more visible, the interested areas are colder than the rest of the body, Internally are forming macrogranules, hard when touched and painfull.

These treatment act on the gluteus, the calves,thighs and hips areas helping draining of toxins.

Modelling the treated area and leaving the skin soft.

Sweet almond oil is used (relaxing, for a soft, firm and compact skin) with a slow massage.

This kind of treatment acs on the lymphatic circulation.It favours the drainage of fluids and reduces stagnation by stimulating lymphatic circulation.
At the aesthetic level partially reduces the imperfections of cellulite.

During pregnancy a massage brings great relief,  not only for sciatic pain, muscle cramps, bones and joint pain, but also in normal pregnancies to improve muscles tone, skin oxygenation, and endorphyn production..

This massage is generic, applied on the legs with light strokes, light pressure and kneading, all in the direction of the heart. On the abdome, for clear reasons, the massage is limited to soft kneading and caressing, excluding any kind of pressure.
The focus will be on the sides (hips) and the lombar area.

Recommended for those who is affected by:
Stress, tiredness physically and mentally, swelling of the lower limbs, muscle tension.

Treatment steps:

- Micronized brown seaweed in powder wrap laying (20 min)
- De-stress foot massage
- Refreshing body massage with almond oil and essential oil with citrus
- Facial elasticizing antiaging micromassage with rose oil (rosehip, mosqueta and Moroccan rose)

Single: €70,00 (50 min)
For couples: €130,00 (90 min)

Energetic Massage

This kind of tratment is known for its soothing and decontracting virtues.
Arnica is a timeless plant which grows spontaneously in the mountains. The active ingredients of this plant have pain-relieving, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.
It also relieves pain due to trauma such as falls and shocks and favours the reduction of bruises.
It facilitates the elimination of lactic acid accumulated in the muscles after a 'sports activity'. It restores dormant energies and relieves muscle tension due to bad posture.

Baby Massage

Gentle and relaxing massage for our young guests from 5 to 14 years.
An emotional journey back to the womb in a warm, soft and scented embrace floating with your family.
Let yourself be pampered and expereince anunique moment with your child. A relaxing wrap in the cloud bath followed by a scented oil massage.

This treatment is highly recommended for families, it's the right time to wind down together...
Princess for a day. Choose your favorite color for your little hands!

SPA Programmes

Special treatment for who wants to experience a memorable wellness path in company..

"I want to recharge with new energy. I need a burst of vitality and vigor."

Carefully structured path to purify and revitalize the body; passing from the low temperatures of the Turkish bath to then get to the intense sweating sauna. It serves to oxygenate the skin by freeing it from impurities and give a boost of energy.Wear your bracelet and let yourself be guided!
Enjoy your relax time and feel the complete harmony between body and mind.

o      1 massage Karité butter (20 min)

o      1 Chocolate Cloud Experience with Massage (50 min)
For a perfect all-female break.
Enjoy your memorable time with your besties. wind down and share with them the emotions and experiences which will leave their mark on you forever.

o    1 relaxing massage per person (20 min)

o    1 night in the private pool for you with a sparkling wine bottle

(€116 for 2 people + €42 each additional person)
Pack designed to purify and revitalize your body.
"I want to recharge with new energy. I need a burst of vitality and vigor."

o     1 Excite Path  with body peeling, turkish bath, sauna e draining with ice for a boost of energy (70 min)

o     1 Short massage with sweet orange

o     1 Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage with coconut oil  (50 min)

o     1 Facial micromassage with customed serum
Find out our Purify Wellness Path with your friends! Share with them your well-deserved relax.

"I am very attentive to my appearance. I want to get rid of impurities, feel regenerated and purified."

Path designed to eliminate excess liquid and slag. It provides exposure to high temperatures of the sauna and promotes the oxygenation of the skin which become softer and brighter. A real treat for the whole body.

Wear your bracelet and let yourself be pampered.
2 days to regain your fitness:

o   1 Excite Path with body peeling, turkish bath, sauna and rubbing with tonifying ice

o   2 Total Body slimming effect Massages  (45 min)

o   2 Cloud Experiences with draining detox wrap (25 min)

o   2 Facial Micromassages  with customed serum (20 min)
Pack designed to purify the body by eliminating excess fluid and slag.

"I am very attentive to my appearance. I want to get rid of impurities, feel regenerated and purified"

o    1 Purify Path with sauna and ice to regain the balance (65 min)

o    1 Draining Massage with citrus to detoxify the tissues (50 min)

o    1 Cloud Experience with shor draining massage

o    1 Facial Micromassage with customed serum

Share this memorable experience with your sweetheart!Detoxifying and purifying treatment: It will free you from toxins and thoroughly purify your body. The 15-20 minutes of immersion will have a regenerating effect. But it is not the end here: at the end of the treatment let yourself be pampered by a massage with olive oil and bioaromas of the Alps. You will feel lightness and vitality for your whole body!

o   Customized wrap with Emulsion of Hay Cream and Alpine Flowers with immersion in cloud bath.

o   Short body massage

o   Facial micromassage with customed serum
Don't miss an emotional journey back to the womb, in a warm, soft, fragrant embrace floating.
Lux wrap in a relaxing cloud bath with genuine and fragrant products. Ideal for the wellness of body and mind. You'll feel like you're floating on clouds!
Share this romantic experience with your sweetheart...

o Custom wrap with immersion in cloud bath to choose between: relaxation, toning, draining , anti-cellulite , de-active.
o   Short body massage
o   Face micromassage with personalized serum
Share this intense and memorable experience with your partner. one of the most ancient traditions of purification in the world!

Unlike the sauna, the Hammam is a damp and absolutely bearable heat bath. First, a masseuse will soap you up with the traditional black soap made with olive oil, performing in this way a massage. Then you will immerse yourself in the warm and enveloping atmosphere of the flavored Turkish bath with natural essences of eucalyptus, to release the bronchial tubes. The steam will favor the opening of skin pores and the pleasant warmth, and combined with black soap, it will have the action of purifying your body thoroughly.
After about 20 minutes our masseuse will accompany you in the relaxing wellness room, where you can experience the benefits of a horsehair glove massage; is a massage from which your body will come out completely purified and you'll get rid of dead skin cells accumulated during the year.After you have removed them with a shower, at the end it will be time for the Argan oil massage (rich in nutrients for the skin).

Total duration: 90 min
Exclusive purify wellness path for couples.

Path designed to eliminate excess liquid and slag. The high temperatures of sauna and turkish bath favor the oxygenation of the skin that is soft and bright. A real treat for the whole body.

Wear your bracelet and let yourself be pampered!
Share with your partner a moment of relaxation in our oasis of health.
Everyone agrees that love conquers all but sometimes stress is hard to combat. Don't waste more energy and let yourself be pampered by our team of professional masseuses enjoying a romantic and memorable time with your sweetheart.

Made with vegetable oils and essential oils accompanied by a micromassage face with personalized serum. Choose your ideal oil: citrus, chocolate or oriental.

Price: €140 per couple
Special treatment for couples.

"I want to recharge with new energy. I need a burst of vitality and vigor."

Carefully structured path to purify and revitalize the body; passing from the low temperatures of the Turkish bath to then get to the intense sweating sauna. It serves to oxygenate the skin by freeing it from impurities and give a boost of energy.
Wear your bracelet and let yourself be guided!
Enjoy an unique and magic experience with your better half!

The perfect ingredients to make your holiday romantic, unforgettable and exciting:

o    1 Couple Romantic Cloud Experience  with massage (70 min)

o    1 night in the pool only for you with a sparkling wine bottle

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