Hotel Benessere Trentino (Fiera di Primiero)

Via Montegrappa 2 - 38054
Fiera di Primiero (TN)nelle Dolomiti del Trentino

Five really good reasons to choose our Hotel

1. Choose us only if...

To a "classic" vacation you prefer a vacation where in the morning you can forget about the alarm, where you just need to open the window to see this enchanting landscape... where you can sip a good coffee or some fresh milk, maybe served with slice of delicious apple pie just baked, even if the "normal time for breakfast is over".

Choose us only if you are looking for a "slow" vacation, that sends you back home with lungs full of Trentino's pure oxygen and less toxins, a more flexible and toned body, a calmer and free mind (like that of a modern zen monk ;)).

2. Choose us only if...

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